The Helena Aurora Range

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The Helena Aurora Range (Bungalbin) is a ‘banded ironstone’ range that lies at the heart of Western Australia’s outback. It is a sanctuary for many birds, reptiles, mammals and plants, some of which you can’t find anywhere else on earth.

Located ~100km north of Southern Cross in the Great Western Woodlands, the Helena Aurora Ranges rises as a unique series of hills, ironstone outcrops and breakaways, above the flat woodland landscape that surrounds it.

“There is something magical about those places. When you stand on top of the Range and have a 360-degree view, all you can see is bush. It’s just a feeling of freedom. No cars or mobile phones, just the sound of birds and the wind in the trees.” – Ursina Gringer

Helena Aurora Range Needs Protection

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has recently finalised its assessment on a proposal to mine this beautiful and unique place, and they have rejected the proposal for the second time, which is fantastic news.

“…to mine significant Banded Iron Formations (BIFs) would cause permanent and irreversible environmental impacts, with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) today recommending against their approval.”

The EPA previously rejected this mining proposal in 2014, but the mining company won’t take no for an answer.

The only way to protect the range permanently is as a National Park, jointly managed by Traditional Owners.

Places such as the Helena Aurora Range provide people from all walks of life the opportunity to get outdoors, experience the best of Western Australia’s outback and really get a sense of just how vast this great land is.

Help Create a National Park

We have a vision to allow everyone the opportunity to experience this incredible part of the world. We want the Range to become a wonderful new national park, jointly managed by Traditional Owners – to achieve this we need ask the Minister for Environment Stephen Dawson, to follow the latest EPA recommendation and to create the National Park.

You can ask the Minister directly by signing this petition.

Calling for protection

Scientists have been calling for the protection of this range since 1980.

Senior Traditional Owners are also calling for the range to be protected.

And in the last twelve months alone the campaign has received massive support from the community, with over 1400 people making submissions to the EPA opposing mining, but we’re not quite there yet.

This landmark campaign is now reaching its final stages. As we await the advice of the EPA, it is now time to call upon the newly elected WA State Government to act to create a new National Park for the Range.

Irreversible Mining Impact

Despite longstanding calls for the protection of the range, the mining company Polaris Metals Ltd (subsidiary of Mineral Resources Ltd) has sought approval to begin mining the Range.

Mining this Range is not in the public interest. The damage from mining would be irreversible to this delicate, ancient and unique ecological community.

What you can do

Become A Park Champion

The Helena Aurora Range is simply too magnificent to be left unrecognised. It's now time to secure its future as a wonderful new National Park.
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