Granite & Woodlands Discovery Trail

The Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail links Norseman to Hyden and Wave Rock with 300kms of heathlands, granite outcrops and includes the beautiful Lake Johnston.

You have the opportunity to explore one of the world’s greatest untouched temperate woodlands, guided by some fantastic interpretive signage along the way.

Be prepared

The trail is mostly gravel however it is generally suitable for all vehicles, including towing caravans. Rain can cause the road to be closed – for up to date information check with the local shire councils; Shire of Dundas, Shire of Kondinin.

  • Carry emergency supply of food and water;
  • Set off with enough fuel to cover at least 400km;
  • If you break down STAY WITH YOUR VEHICLE;
  • Watch out for wildlife, especially at dawn and dusk;
  • Look well ahead for possible trouble spots, and for dust indicating an approaching vehicle;
  • Take a break regularly;
  • Take care approaching and overtaking road-trains;
  • Slow down on corrugated sections and always drive at the speed suited to the prevailing conditions.

You can download a copy of the trail guide here.